Blu-ray Case Information

A Blu-ray case is a type of storage that aims to safely house the high-definition Blu-ray disc from scratches, dirt and other forms of exposure. Just as CDs and DVDs have their own custom cases, the Blu-ray case has dimensions and a style that sets it apart from other optical media.

Blu-ray CaseThe Blu-ray case is a shorter version of its DVD case predecessor and can be easily identified by its signature transparent blue color. Cases are constructed out of polypropylene plastic. A single disc Blu-ray case measures at a width of 135 mm, a height of 171.5 mm and a thickness of 13 mm. The dimensions for the inner case booklet allow for a maximum of approximately 20 pages with a 4.75 inch width and a 5.9 inch height. The lightweight case itself weighs just less than two ounces.

When open, the right-hand side of the case's clear blue plastic molds to conform to the shape of the actual disc to hold it in the tray. However, it is the center push button hub that anchors the BD into place. Plastic binder clips inside of the case secure the booklet or other media information. A clear vinyl sleeve on the cover leaves room for cover art or outer inserts. The licensed Blu-ray logo is embedded on the top horizontal stripe on the front for the majority of authentic cases.

Some Blu-ray cases can be found in a slimmer version, where the thickness is cut in half and it holds 10 insert booklet pages. The weight of these slim cases is 1.5 ounces and this style is popular when space saving is a priority. Double and triple disc case capacities are also available on the market. These multi disc cases hold more while maintaining a single disc case's dimensions. Blu-ray cases also come in a clear version designated for games from the Playstation 3 console.

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