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ePublishing BLOG now online

CD-Info president Katherine Cochrane's new online journal with links, comments and reviews on products and developments in the electronic publishing world can be found by clicking here.

Topics discussed in this new Web log include:

  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Authoring Software (CD, DVD and eBook)
  • Data Storage & Distribution
  • AV, DV & ePublishing Definitions
  • Disc Publishing Hardware
  • Digital Video Hardware
  • eBook Resources for developers
  • eBook Readers & Servers
  • ePublishing Business

Have a Pioneer DVD-R/-RW?

Do NOT use the new 4X DVD-R or 2X DVD-RW media in a Pioneer DVD recorder until you get the firmware update. The drive will burn up in 5 minutes trying to calibrate itself for the new media.

This includes Apple SuperDrives, Compaq DVD-R, and several other Pioneer recorders, including their new DVR-A04.

See http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/hs/ for details and to order a firmware CD.

New Articles, New Products

  • Have you ever needed to move files quickly and easily across your local network between a Windows machine and a Macintosh? I'm faced with this requirement frequently. Read about my solution in a review at our new ePublishing-Info Web site.
  • Wondering about storing your video tapes on disc? Read our article on the subject, and visit our new ePublishing-Info Web site to find some handy gear to make it easy! While you're there, have a look at the new duplicators, too. Prices have dropped dramatically on automated desktop optical recorders and disc printers even while their capabilities have increased, making now a good time to get into CD or DVD publishing.
  • Another new article discusses the issue of CD-R (and DVD-R) media speed ratings. With new recorders getting faster and faster, your media speed rating needs to keep up or you risk making poor-quality recordings!

Updated Section: Customizing Discs

With articles about all the ways discs are decorated—from marking pens and paper labels to inkjet, thermal wax and silkscreen printing—this section has just been revamped and extended to include information about a new venture our publisher is involved in. Read about the ePrint-Network in the context of disc customization in general, and then visit the site to try out the design online features for yourself.


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Print publications
Some articles by
CD-Info's president,
Katherine Cochrane,
published elsewhere:
The Dawn of the 24-Hour Turnaround
in medialine, October 2002
This is an edited reprint of our article about Allen Adkins, CD premastering pioneer, included as part of medialine's "20 Years of Compact Disc" special report by Terrence Keegan.
Chapter 8 ("CD Duplicators")
in Lee Purcell's book,
CD-R/DVD Disc Recording Demystified
(McGraw-Hill, June 2000)

CD-R Duplication 101 in
TapeDisc Business,
November 1999

Shaping the Future in
TapeDisc Business,
March 2000

Analyze This in
TapeDisc Business,
April 2000

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