Joliet Filenames and CD-R Discs

by Deirdre Straughan

Windows 95 allows you to use file and folder names up to 256 characters long, which may include spaces. To maintain DOS compatibility, a DOS-standard (8+3) filename is associated with each file. These names are created automatically by Windows 95 and can be viewed in the Properties dialog box for each file.

To create these DOS-standard names, long filenames are truncated and the tilde (~) is added; a number may also be added to distinguish between files which would otherwise have identical names when truncated. For example, the filename "LETTERS TO SEND.DOC" might become "LETTER~1.DOC".

Joliet and ISO9660

Joliet is an extension of the ISO 9660 standard, developed by Microsoft for Windows 95, to allow CDs to be recorded using long filenames (it also allows for using the Unicode international character set). For files recorded to CD-R discs, Joliet allows you to use filenames up to 64 characters in length, including spaces. Joliet also records the associated DOS-standard name for each file so that the disc may be read on DOS systems or earlier versions of Windows.

WARNING: Versions of Windows NT up to 3.51 build 1057 do not read Joliet discs. This should be corrected in a future version; contact Microsoft for more information.

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