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In General

All the contents of this website are copyrighted by The CD-Info Company and may not be reproduced or republished in any form without prior written permission except for reviews, scholarly purposes or personal use as specified in the Fair Use clause of the US Copyright Act of 1976.

What This Means

Specific Exceptions and Limitations


This document is contributed and updated regularly by Andy McFadden. He has made it available for publishing by anyone under some specific conditions. However, the HTML version in this website is protected by our compilation copyright. We created the structure and expression of the information provided in McFadden's text version. This HTML belongs to us, so you may not use it without our permission. To obtain such permission, contact us.

Why Invoke Copyright? Information Wants to be Free!

The CD-Info Company is a commercial entity. Our only sources of revenue to support our activities (which include publishing this website and collecting information through books, periodicals and conferences, all of which are NOT free) are information products (i.e., website licenses, book and CD sales and consulting), advertising and a few limited sponsorships. The cost of providing the CD Information Center as a public service is a significant ongoing investment for us in time and money. We rely on website traffic statistics to obtain advertising clients and sponsors, and on links to our commercial site to inform potential customers of our for-pay services. If our website content is used elsewhere, we may not get these benefits, and ultimately the very existence of this service will be endangered.

But I want to share it with people who aren't online!

We are developing a reprint and licensing policy at this time. If you want to distribute specific articles (for which we have the redistribution rights -- which is not the case for everything in this site!), contact us for details. Likewise, we may be available to produce customized versions of some of the material here. Let us know if you need this service.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Publishing this website has been the fulfillment of a long-standing dream. The help and accolades we've received from many people in the process are warmly appreciated. Preserving the integrity of this material helps us continue to provide it for everyone's use.

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