Paraphrase of letter

. . . from Deanna Marcum, President of the Council on Library and Information Resources, to Dr. John Van Bogart, National Media Laboratory

publisher's note: since permission to reproduce this letter is not in hand, we are presenting a summary rather than the verbatim text, to provide a context for the response which follows.

Date of letter: 20 February 1998

Ms. Marcum expressed regret that Dr. Van Bogart is distressed by the U.S. News and World Report article. She said Randy Allen tried to reach NML several times for comment, but had not gotten a response, so she sent an "urgent email" asking for help.

Marcum quoted part of Dr. Van Bogart's message (with elipses), which requested the chart be labeled as coming from 1995 data collected by NML.

She closes stating that "Even if the charts were interpreted more strictly than you would have liked, the central message remains the same--that media fragility threatens long-term preservation of significant information." and that NML has contributed to the truth of this message.

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