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Sent: Monday, February 02, 1998 4:47 PM
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Subject: RE: Need your help

There are a couple of problems with the chart that you are planning on using:

1) The chart is not current. It is over a couple of years old, which is a significantly long time in the data storage business. As such, the information presented in the chart may no longer be accurate.

2) The chart is difficult to interpret. I've encountered more that a few individuals who have had difficulty interpreting the chart. It is easy for a non-technical person to mis-interpret the information.

3) The single chart that you are planning on using is part of a series. The main objective of the series of charts is to demonstrate the advantages of cooler and drier storage for preserving all media types.

The National Media Laboratory is in the process of redesigning and updating the chart. However, it may be a month or two before the new chart is available. I understand that US News and World Report will be editing the chart for the purposes of its article. I would recommend labeling the chart with wording similar to the following:

"This chart was generated from information collected by the National Media Laboratory in 1995."

I hope that this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

John Van Bogart
National Media Laboratory

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Subject: Need your help

Dear John,

I left a voice-mail message for you and I am following up with this
e-mail request that you contact me at your earliest convenience. The
Council on Library and Information Resources is the result of a merger of
the Commission on Preservation and Access and the Council on Library
Resources. Your publication for us really led to the development of the
documentary film, INTO THE FUTURE that aired recently on PBS.US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT is doing a follow-up article and is planning to
reprint your the table found on your website that shows the longevity of
various media. I understand from the public relations person who is
developing a discussion guide to accompany the film that someone from NML
has called to say that the chart is not correct. It is terribly important
that we not print misleading information, so I would very much appreciate
your advice on this matter.Thanks, in advance for your help.DeannaDeanna Marcum, President
Council on Library and Information Resources
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