Tradeshows, Conferences, Seminars & Workshops


The compact disc and related fields are among the most rapidly changing technologies in the history of mankind. Frequently even periodical publications cannot keep up with events and innovations, and detailed, current information about new products, techniques, companies and projects is available only through personal contact with those who are making the changes. For this reason gatherings such as conferences and trade shows are very important to this industry.

Since they are important, there are a large number of these meetings of different kinds. We have broken it down into the four types: tradeshows, which have commercial displays of companies' products and services; conferences, where experts give talks about their areas of knowledge to others in the industry and those who want to follow the technology and business; seminars, which provide focused education on particular aspects of the field; and workshops, where industry participants meet to cooperatively develop specialized techniques, policies or standards.

Some meetings fall into more than one category. Most conferences, for instance, usually have an exhibit floor that is like a tradeshow, and most trade shows have an associated conference. Some conferences offer pre- or post-conference workshops or seminars, but these meetings are also often held apart from conferences.

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