Grammy Awards

Why is there a press release about the Grammy Awards in the CD Information Center?

Well, of course the Grammys are about music, and certainly audio CDs are also about music. But that's only the beginning.

The story centers around someone who has been around both the CD-ROM publishing world and NARAS, the organization that owns the Grammys: Chris Andrews. Andrews is the author of a highly informative and humorous informal history of the early days of CD-ROM, The Education of a CD-ROM Publisher, published in 1993 by 8 Bit Press, an imprint of Online, Inc. and republished in a completely new edition (actually, 5 editions -- hardcover, paperback, CD-ROM, website and even a version for the PalmOS), by The CD-Info Company, under our CD-Info Classics imprint.

While it reads like a novel, Andrews' book is a handy reference for anyone who wants to know who did what when CD-ROM publishing was getting started. As a matter of fact, the early planning for the CD Pioneers Party that occurred during the 1998 SIGCAT conference was done with this book in hand. Many of the people mentioned were invited to attend as special guests (those we were able to track down).

If you have been lucky enough to read this book you know that Andrews worked on an early multimedia CD-ROM about the Grammys, and also that he had been active in the online world before even hearing about CD-ROM. He was Executive Producer of the Grammy live webcast this press release is about. Convergence lives. And now you know.

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