CD Pioneers

A series of biographical sketches of people who made theCD industry happen

Dialectical materialism notwithstanding, most people acknowledge that behind human advances there are — humans. In the development of Compact Disc technology and industry, it can truthfully be said that many people have played roles over a number of years, but it is surprisingly difficult to find out about them. This section is intended to make a start on a history of Compact Disc through a series of articles about of some of the people and events that have contributed in one way or another to the story, and through this device perhaps eventually a clear chronology will emerge. Until it does, at least there are some good stories to tell!

As the articles are written, their links will become "live." Suggestions for other stories to include here are welcome.

Compact Disc — the early days

Formats, we have Formats

The Early Replicators



The CD Testing Controversy

The Trade Press

Print Publishers

  • KIPI
  • Alan Meckler
  • The Pembertons

Writers & Editors

Early Electronic Publishers

[in alphabetical, not chronological, order]

  • Christopher Andrews
  • The first CD-ROM publisher (BiblioFile, Jan 2, 1985)
  • Nautilus: On Disc and Online
  • John Sands
  • Gess Shankar
  • Robert Starrett

On with the Show -- DVD At Last

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