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CD-R/DVD Disc Recording Demystified
Author: Lee Purcell
Publication Date: 2000
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
This very up-to-date book includes a good history timeline of CD-R & DVD-R, and a chapter about CD-R duplication contributed by this website's publisher.

The CD-ROM Drive: A Brief System Description
Author: Sorin Stan
Publication Date: 1998
Publisher: Springer
ISBN 0-7923-8167-X

The Education of A CD-ROM Publisher: Behind the Scenes Tale of CD-ROM Intrigue
Author: Christopher Andrews
Original Publication Date: 1993
New Release: 15 June 1998
Publisher: CD-Info Classics

CD-ROM for Schools
Authors: Pam Berger & Susan Kinnell
Publication Date: 1996
Publisher: Pemberton Press
ISBN: 0-910965-13-7
How to choose, buy and use CD-ROM in your school, by two top school media professionals.

Publish Yourself on CD-ROM
Authors: Fabrizio Caffarelli & Deirdre Straughan
Publication Date: 1992
Publisher: Random House Information Group
ISBN: 0-679742-97-2

Recordable CD Bible: With CD-ROM
Author: Mark L. Chambers
Publication Date: 1997
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 0-76453-103-4
This new book is directed mainly toward Windows95 and Windows NT users, but the accompanying CD-ROM includes demo software for several platforms, and some full versions.

Electronic Publishing on CD-ROM: Authoring, Development, and Distribution
Authors: Steve Cunningham and Judson Rosebush
Publication Date: Aug 1996
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
ISBN: 1-56592-209-3

CD Recordable Handbook: A guide to Choosing the Right CD Recorder for You, 2nd ed.
Author: Robert DeMoulin, Toshi Iizuka, Rod Volturno and Ricoh DMS Division, Japan
Publication Date: 1994 & 1995
Publisher: Ricoh Corporation
Ricoh P/N 28363-002

Creating Interactive CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh
Author: Scott Fisher
Publication Date: 1996
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann Pub
Includes CD-ROM, step-by-step tutorials.

The New Optical Storage Technology
Author: John A. McCormick
Publication Date: July 1993
Publisher: Irwin Professional Publishing
ISBN: 1-55623-907-6
An early work that includes CD-ROM and CD-R.

A Guide to Optical Storage Technology
Author: John A. McCormick
Publication Date: 1990
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 1-55623-320-5
A very early work in the field, of historical interest.

Create Your Own Multimedia System
Author: John A. McCormick
Publisher: Windcrest/McGraw-Hill
This book is about building a multimedia creation workstation, not about a home multimedia system.

Computers and the Americans with Disabilities Act: A Manager's Guide
Author: John A. McCormick
Publication Date: August 1993
Publisher: Windcrest/McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0-8306-4445-8 (paperback)
ISBN: 0-8306-4444-X (hardback)
Contains coverage of CD-ROM Technology, and discusses topics such as universal access to data.

CD-ROM Fundamentals
Authors: Dana Parker & Robert Starrett
Publication Date: 1994
Publisher: Boyd & Fraser Publishing Company, Danvers, MA
ISBN: 0-87709-168-4
A slim paperback, primarily devoted to CD-ROM technology, this book is suitable for use as a supplementary textbook or as an introduction for those interested in the production of CD-ROMs. (Somewhat dated, and hard to find.)

CD-ROM Professional's CD-Recordable Handbook
Authors: Dana Parker & Robert Starrett
Publication Date: 1996
Publisher: CyberAge Books
ISBN: 0-910965-18-8
Published in 1996. Extensive treatment of the entire CD-R field by two leading experts.

New Rider's Guide to CD-ROM, 2nd ed.
Authors: Dana Parker & Robert Starrett
Publication Date: 1994
Publisher: New Riders Pub
ISBN: 1-56205-308-6
Excellent, technically accurate.

The Compact Disc Handbook, 2nd ed.
Author: Ken C. Pohlmann
Publication Date: 1992
Publisher: A-R Editions, Inc.
ISBN: 0-89579-300-8
The CD manufacturing bible, heavy on theory. A bit dated now, but the basic info is superb and the explanations of important concepts are very accessible. For more up to date information, see Pohlmann's Principles of Digital Audio.

Principles of Digital Audio, 3rd Ed.
Author: Ken C. Pohlmann
Publication Date: 1995
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0-07-050469-5 (paperback); 0-07-050469-7 (hardbound)
An excellent technical reference for both digital audio and CD basics, such as questions about disc specifications, formats, and for understanding things like Reed-Solomon Interleave Code and EDC/ECC (error detection code/error correction code) as well as how CDs are made. This is not exactly a sequel to Pohlmann's Compact Disc Handbook, but is much more up to date and covers a lot of the same material and more. Very highly recommended.

Super CD-ROM Madness!
Author: Lee Purcell
Publication Date: 1994
Publisher: Macmillan/SAMS Publishing
ISBN: 0-672-30638-7

The Complete Guide to Recordable CD
Author: Lee Purcell & David Martin
Publication Date: 1st Qtr 1997
Publisher: SYBEX, Inc.
ISBN: 0-7821-1994-8
This book on Recordable CD includes an appendix containing several interviews with industry participants, including the publisher of this website.

CD-ROM Handbook, 2nd edition
Author: Chris Sherman, Editor
Publication Date: 1994
Publisher: Intertext Publications, McGraw-Hill, Inc.
ISBN: 0-07-056693-3
This collection of articles on the history of CD-ROM and CD-Recordable is heavily technical, but authoritative. Contributors include Linda Helgerson, Allen Adkins, Philip Busk, Arch Luther and many other pioneers in the field.

Electronic Publishing Unleashed: Discover the Power of Electronic Publishing--Online and Via CD-ROM
Authors: William Stanek, Lee Purcell, Robert Bindl & Mitch Gould
Publication Date: Oct 1995
Publisher: Sams
ISBN: 0-672-30752-9
A complete review of paperless publishing techniques and tools. Includes a Windows-compatible CD-ROM with the full text of the book in HTML form as well as demos and trial software resources. The book also discusses intellectual property issues important to electronic publishers, and has tips for marketing and advertising as well as creating e-books and more.

DVD Demystified: The Guidebook of DVD-Video and DVD-ROM
Author: Jim Taylor
Publication Date: Sept 1997
Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Inc.
ISBN: 0-07-064841-7

The CD-ROM Directory: 1996 Edition
Publication Date: 1996
Publisher: TFPL Multimedia

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This information is very important to CD developers and CD-R users.

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Standards & Specifications



AIIM Standards White Papers

This webpage contains status reports on the publication of AIIM standards pertaining to imaging and document mangement, many being developed jointly with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Specification for "El Torrito" Bootable CDs
Intellectual Property & Standards by Philips
Philips Consumer Electronics
Coordination Office Optical & Magnetic Media Systems
Building SWA-109, P.O.Box 80002
5600 JB Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Fax: +31 40 732113
ISO 9660:1988
Volume and file structure of CD-ROM for information interchange
ISO/IEC 13346:1995
Volume and file structure of write-once and rewritable media using non-sequential recording for information interchange. In five parts.
Part 1: General
Part 2: Volume and boot block recognition
Part 3: Volume structure
Part 4: File structure
Part 5: Record structure
Also see Howard Kaikow's pageannouncing the release of ISO/IEC 13346 and 13490.
ISO/IEC 13490:1995
Volume and file structure of read-only and write-once compact disc media for information interchange.
Part 1: General
Part 2: Volume and File Structure
Also see Howard Kaikow's page announcing the release of ISO/IEC 13346 and 13490.
ISO/IEC 10149:1995
Data interchange on read-only 120mm optical data disks (CD-ROM)
Standard testing, storage and handling procedures for CD-ROM, CD-R and other optical media. See the press release about this new standard in this site.