COLD and Imaging

COLD and Imaging with CD-Recordable

by Katherine Cochrane



COLD is the acronym for "Computer Output to Laser Disc." It'sreally a description ofr a class of applications rather than aspecific technology, although that confuses a large number of people.It is a term used by MIS people more than CD-ROM people, althoughsome CD-Recordable users are very interested in this application,generally businesses with extensive backfiles or a heavy load offorms and other paper-based data they want to archive in aneasily-retrievable way.


Imaging is part of the COLD application -- it is a term used todescribe digitizing data, usually from paper, and frequently usingOCR (Optical Character Recognition) to generate index-able text, butit usually also involves storing a raster image of the document(hence the name), for legal or administrative purposes, or becausesome of the information may otherwise be lost, such as drawings,photographs, etc. COLD and imaging include scanning, OCR, indexing,interface design and storage on optical disc (CD-R, CD-ROM, M.O. orPhase-change discs, or even the old analog Laser Discs.)

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